Day #1 of Haitian Heritage Month

(Carifest 2018 Rochester, Ny) It May 1st the First day of #HaitianHeritageMonth so of this first day of a Month long celebration in the United States of Ayisyen heritage, culture and History! Sony Blaze Corner is going to go in deep all May long for #HaitianHeritageMonth and cover the Culture and Heritage of Ayisyen (Haitian... Continue Reading →

A year ago By Erick A Myrthil

A year ago I remember the feeling of triumph, I released my love story to the world. Believe me it wasn't an easy road hurdle after hurdle got in the way I remember the email I received from Kindle Direct Publishing congratulating me and I tell you if I was able I would have teared.... Continue Reading →

Erick Hour with Rick Tony & Co

Quick Thank you before I start First of all Thank you Erick, Jalen and Nate from the Roar Radio Network for giving me this opportunity grow and to see, feel and hear you guys in actions! Mesi My Sister Grace who open the door for me to meet everyone!   The Erick Hour with Rick... Continue Reading →

The Roar Radio

The Roar Radio I have to say Roar Radio┬áhave giving me an opportunity to get more deeper within my self and to expand my horizon. The Roar Radio Network is a internet broadcast network that is Black own right in Rochester, Ny where currently my corner of the universe is at!   The Roar Radio... Continue Reading →

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